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Lovely in lime

One thing about Florida is our greenery. Despite the lack of changing colors, we always have reminders of spring. Next in the St. Patrick's day makeup look series is "lovely in lime." Please forgive the iPhone 3Gs photo quality. 

In the makeup draft, no prep or prime was used. MAC Cosmetics eye shadows in Lime and Aquadisiac were used - Aquadisiac over entire lid, Lime in crease. Black eyeliner was lightly applied to emphasis the eyes. Doing this still leaves the look romantic but adds depth. 

This look is a nice compliment to Leu Gardens or other Orlando park or garden. When coupled with bright clothes or flowers as props, the lime and aqua will be quietly bold. If you need flare, you can add Dazzle Green lashes from to complete the eye makeup look. Their 30% discount ends 03/15/2011.

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This article was remotely published. Please excuse brevity, typos, and/or abbreviations. 

Notes: Photos were informal snapshots taken with an iPhone 3Gs. Makeup look was not polished as it was simply a sketch to experiment. 

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