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Bella Sugar Cosmetics review

Bella Sugar Cosmetics is an independent cosmetics line sold on etsy. They currently have just over 70 shades from which to select. Their shadows are $5.00 each and FDA compliant. Bella Sugar also offers cute eyeshadow compacts and some shower gels. The shadows come in round, black pots with a cute cupcake stamp on the shadows. That was sweet (no pun intended). What makes their products sweeter?  Their eyeshadows are marketed as highly pigmented.

As a makeup artist specializing in photography, highly pigmented cosmetics are imperative. Colors rich in pigment are required for longevity and duration through the Orlando weather and photo shoots. Bella Sugar lasted much of the work day without primer and was fairly vibrant. Considering the affordability, four shades were ordered for trial - Hunter Orange, OMG, Dessert Rose, Yell-Oh.

The colors were not exactly what was expected; however, the product descriptions were on point. OMG was ordered, because it appeared more watermelon on the site. It is more of a subdued azalea. Hunter Orange is a bright and sunny version of a creamsicle, and it is not a pure, traditional orange. Dessert Rose is a pinkish brown color. Yell-Oh is as brilliant as the sun.

One pigment test makeup artists can perform is sampling products on varying skin tones. In this case, a medium tan complexion was used - too dark to be beige, too light to be caramel. Yell-oh is the first yellow tested that actually appeared yellow on a darker skin tone. Hunter Orange somewhat washed into an opaque veil of bright, creamsicle shimmer. Dessert Rose blended into the skin tone leaving a slightly pink shimmer reflection. OMG was bright and strong in a good way. 

Without primer, the products lasted an eight hour work day through Orlando's varying temperatures. The colors were tried on a separate day over MAC's Prep and Prime, which intensified the color a little, and marginally increased the staying power. Overall, these particular colors are recommended and  great spring and flower inspired looks can be created. A spring look will follow in a separate article. 


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