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A Jennifer Lopez spin on natural beauty

If you recall my series about natural beauty and makeup to enhance the same, you will remember the simple steps I referenced to make it seem as if you are barely wearing makeup at all. In my other article about enhancing natural features, I walked you through how to achieve the minimalist makeup look. The photograph of Jennifer Lopez, taken by Michael Loccisano of Getty Images, shows a similar natural look. However, Jennifer Lopez uses eyeliner on her lower lid to draw more attention to her eyes. Depending on eye shape, this can make eyes appear too small or even beady. Her eyebrows appear naturally sculpted with possibly brow liner or powder.


Jennifer Lopez still looks simple, natural, and sexy. This is an example of how makeup can enhance your features without being too much. Sometimes less is more, and in Orlando, less makeup equals less melting in the hot sun. You can create a similar look by using the products and technique listed below. Try experimenting and adding bits of color in various places to create your own style and add pops of color.

  • Preparations: Neutrogena moisturizer; Blistex lip balm; Studio Fix Fluid Foundation; Studio Sculpt Concealer; Studio Fix Powder.
  • Eyes: Shadow - Yogurt under brow, Malt in inner corner of upper lid to center of lid, Wedge in outer corner and remaining part of the lid, Concrete in crease; Molasses liner in a very thin line on upper lid above lash line; Wedge in inner corner under lower lash line, Concrete in outer corner of lower lash line.
  • Cheeks: Studio Fix Fluid Foundation two shades darker than skin tone and normal shade in hollow of cheek.
  • Lips: Stripdown lip liner, Curiositease lipstick, Cultured lip glass.

If you would like to adapt this look using Mary Kay, Avon, Maybelline, or any other brand, you can schedule a consultation to discuss how you can make the most of your makeup and your best colors. WalmartTargetCVS, and other similar places offer cosmetics at affordable prices.

Unless otherwise stated, all products are from MAC Cosmetics, which can be purchased at the MAC store in Florida Mall and Mall at Millenia as well as some major department stores or online.

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