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Poinsettia Christmas look - Catherine Frontin

Catherine Frontin, a freelance makeup artist, was inspired by the poinsettia flower in the original contest guidelines article. Instead of bright reds, she created a burnt, smoky look using red with gold accents. Catherine defined this look as "very elegant, perfect for a Holiday party night." Photography for Catherine's artistry was provided by Leon, Lasting Blueprint Multimedia.

Model, Catherine LoCicero, is wearing:

  • Eyes: copper red was used over entire lid with dark brown blended in the crease. A touch of gold was added to the inner corner of the eye for a brightening effect. The same copper red was used on lower lid and smoked down a little for intensity. Black eyeliner was used on lid and waterline.
  • Cheeks: dark rose blush
  • Lips: dark rose with a touch of red lipstick and clear gloss.

To vote for Catherine's look, please post comments below.

Possible 100 points:

  • 1 point for each positive comment up to ten comments (comment submission ends 01/05/2011);
  • 5 points for description / information sentence or paragraph;
  • 5 points for proper color information (e.g. blackened navy blue instead of thunder);
  • 5 points for strict adherence to theme colors;
  • 5 points for resemblance to theme and creativity;
  • 5 points for prepping information (e.g. moisturizer, primer, etc.);
  • 10 points for proof of permission to use images pursuant to the Copyright Act and Florida Statutes 540.08;
  • 10 points for professional etiquette; and
  • 40 points for diversity of age range, facial structure, and skin tone (e.g. use of older models or non-traditional faces or darker skin toned models) - ages 30-40 is up to 10 points, ages 41-100 is up to 10 additional points; 10 points for non-traditional models, everyday people, unique facial structures.
  • 10 extra credit points for "liking" the Orlando Makeup Examiner FaceBook page.
Points awarded: