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Purple is unconventional and unique

National Purple Day occurs yearly and is similar to wearing pink for breast cancer awareness.  Purple is for epilepsy.  Did you remember to wear purple on National Purple Day? If not, you can prepare for next time with some pretty purple colors.

This look was created with Lime Crime Makeup and Got-Lashes False Eyelashes.  Empress was added to both outer corners of the top lid.  Citrus Girl was dabbed in the center of the top lid and used as liner on the lower lid.  Twilight was used in the crease.  Face was prepped with moisturizer and Studio Fix Foundation Powder was used on the face and as concealer.  Azalea was used to add a pop of pink on the cheekbones.  Airborne Unicorn was used to bring the look together, but we cannot forget the lovely purple false eyelashes.  No eyeliner was used.

This look is conservative enough for Orlando in a dramatic, date way.  It can be worn across town, at local parks, or even to the mall.  Purple is a fun, high fashion type of color that can only be done justice by creative makeup artists in Orlando.  It is not quite a trend in Orlando yet, but perhaps that is because we do not carry highly pigmented cosmetics or fun colors such as those by Lime Crime.  Lime Crime is not available in Orlando, but Mac Cosmetics is at some major department stores, at the Florida Mall, and at Mall at Millenia.

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