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Mineral makeup

Technically all makeup is mineral makeup. Mica is a mineral powder that is used to create color. When people are searching for "mineral makeup," they mean to say they want silicone free products.

Companies such as Mary Kay market their products as mineral makeup, but their mineral eyeshadows contain a lot of non minerals and silicone derivatives. Products such as these are not purely "mineral makeup," and advertising is misleading.

As a former independent beauty consultant, I learned that many people who sell Mary Kay and Avon are not artists and have no idea how to apply makeup. Makeup is an art. Independent beauty consultants for like lines attend trainings and workshops on product knowledge. There are basic application techniques, but only real professionals can show one how to maximize product use.

Pure minerals need additives for ease of product use. Many mineral products are faint and do not show well in photos. MAC Cosmetics Mineralize has decent coverage and color. The Orlando Makeup Junkie is recognized by but has not had an opportunity to review the products.

When searching for the right "mineral" makeup, consider why exactly you prefer mineral makeup.

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