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MAC Blue Lip Mix vs @OCCmakeup RX Lip Tar


Today I completed some of my tasks. Had the lines not been long, the rest of my list would have been finished as well. After a long day of avoiding studying, I decided to have some fun. While I was not feeling "blue" (sad) I was feeling blue (feeling in the mood for the color blue). What better way to get in touch with my inner blue than some Duke Ellington and blue lipstick? Dancing around in my home, rummaging through my makeup room, I decides to compare my new MAC Blue Lip Mix to my new OCC RX Lip Tar. The results?

First, I primed my not so weathered lips with Blistex lip balm (not the medicated one - the one similar to old fashioned Chapstick). I used a light coating to soften the lips. Using too much can make lip colors streak. Next, I lined my lips with MAC's Naked Liner Lip Pencil. I used two separate lip brushes - one for each product. Lip Mix on the upper lip, Lip Tar on the lower lip. Lip Mix applied somewhat streaky and required more brushing to smooth out the product and cover entire top lip. Small amounts were used, which may have been equivalent to three beads of Lip Tar. Blue Lip Mix is a little thicker in consistency than RX Lip Tar. The Lip Tar was applied to the lower lip using two beads. It applied smoothly and more evenly. After drinking good, old fashioned, thirst quenching H2O all night, both products still appear to be hold their own. Fabulous! Stay tuned for a specially created look centered around bright blue lips. Sent from my iPod. Excuse abbreviations, brevity, typos, and tone inferred.