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Orlando airbrush makeup

New website for your beauty needs. Orlando Airbrush Makeup is your stop for beauty, boudoir, bridal, fashion, modeling, and more. Airbrush makeup is good for high definition and lasting performance. When scheduling sessions, please notify the artist if you are or have been on chemotherapy, or if you have cosmetic allergies. Some airbrush makeup is silicone based. Some is alcohol based. Others are water based. Common makeup allergies include reactions to red or blue dyes.

Airbrush makeup lines used are MAC Cosmetics, Dinair, and Temptu. Airbrush makeup is typically preferred due to its lasting properties, smooth and even coverage, and fast drying properties.

It can also be considered more sanitary than traditional makeup as there are no hair brushes involved - only an air mist of color. Schedule a free portfolio review and mini consultation by calling 407-505-0665 (OMJ)

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