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Eyebrows - taming of the shrew

Walking around the mall, at schools, or even downtown Wall Street Plaza, a noted Orlando trend is unkept eyebrows. That is correct.  Orlandoans are trending unkept, untamed, ungroomed eyebrows. If the price of professional waxing is not friendly with purse strings, a free alternative is tweezing.

Tweezing requires daily maintenance to combat strays that sprout overnight. Missing one day can lead to unmanagable brows. How many people consciously think, "I want to look like Bert fromSesame Street." Brows are not as scary or difficult to maintain as one may think. If you need assistance shaping them, follow the below tips.

  1. Hold a straight line from the base of your nose to the corner of your eye.  You can use a pencil, straw, scotch tape, or anything that can give you a straight edge.  Whatever falls on the outside of the pencil should be removed.
  2. Hold a straight line on the outside of the nose, vertically up towards the forehead.  Anything between both brows, above the nose, that falls within the vertical lines of both sides should be removed.
  3. Stick with the natural brow line! Otherwise, you may be stuck with strange, unintended facial expressions.
  4. If you pluck a little too much, you can fill the area with brow pencils.  It is best to try a few colors to see which works best with your skin tone.  For example, although you may have black brows, it may be better for you to use a dark brown brow pencil.  Mac Cosmetics(located at the Florida Mall and Mall at Millenia, and in some major department stores) carries a brow gel that looks like mascara.  This product is amazing!  They also have a brow wax which is used to smooth down the brows.

If you are still in a quandary about your brows, do not furrow. Contact an Orlando area freelance or professional makeup artist for a consultation