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White rabbit trippin' down the psychedelic hole with a baggy of Easter eggs

With Easter approaching, we should get a start on festive and fun makeup looks.  As it is during spring, some of us may take inspiration from Easter eggs, beautiful foliage and / or flowers in Orlando, or even pastels from a box of Crayola crayons.  The fun is trial and error until you find the right combination for the right event.  Clearly you may not wish to wear bright purple lipstick or spotted eyeshadow to work, depending on where you are working.

This look is fun and appropriate for work, school, church, or parties.  All color products were Urban Decay, but the names are being withheld, so you can use your own brands to emulate the look.  Urban Decay Primer Potion was used on the entire top lids up to the brows.  A taupe colored eyeshadow, close to flesh tone, was used over entire lid over primer.  A light veil of turquoise, which is very pigmented in Urban Decay products, was used on the outer corners of the top lids in a "v" shape.  Black eyeliner was used sparingly on the outer two thirds of the top lids.  The taupe color was dusted under the lower lid for depth and dimension.  A flirty, cotton candy pink powder blush was dusted on the apples of both cheeks.  The look was completed with coral lipstick.  Face primer, foundation, and setting powder were used, but you will have to substitute your own color combination to match your skin tone.

This splash of turquoise is reminiscent of the bright, blue pools at Sea World Orlando.  If you have green eyes, turquoise may not be best for you.  Turquoise works best with brown, chestnut, or hazel eyes.  It may be too counterproductive with blue eyes, but that is the fun in trial and error.  These colors were from the Alice in Wonderland collection, and, when used correctly, really give the skin a healthy glow without looking too mask like, heavy, or as if there is too much makeup being worn.

Always remember, there is nothing more beautiful than a nice personality.  Pleasant personalities drastically enhance any makeup look for Easter, spring fashion, St. Patrick's Day, summer, or any occasion.  Staying well hydrated by an occasional dose of Omega 3-6-9 fish oil, water throughout the day, appropriate moisturizer, and sunscreen helps stay the aging process, protects the skin, and contribute to a natural radiant glow.

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This article was remotely published on an Apple iPad 2. Please excuse brevity, typos, and/or abbreviations. 

Notes: Photos were taken with an HTC Evo on the Sprint 4G Now Network.

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