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Glitter glam by Brianna Thompson

This post comes from guest blogger, Brianna Thompson and has not been edited for grammatical content.

Sometimes we all want a little extra sparkle in our lives. Rule number one? Don’t go overboard! You’ll leave a trail of glitter everywhere you go and weeks later, you’ll still be finding sparkly specs all over the place. To avoid a “glitter-palooza,” try mixing it with your eye shadow, bronzer or gloss before applying it. In fact, I’ve seen that Mac offers a pre-mixed “Glitter” with their “Lipglass” for that extra twinkle. Remember to use a primer because it will prevent creases and keep your eye shadow even and in place for hours. Soft Ochre by Mac Makeup is a great one because it goes on creamy but dries quickly. It’s not cakey or thick! It’s perfect to use with glitter products because it helps the glitter stay put on your lid.

If you don't want to mess with glitter, try eyeliner with glitter already in it. Urban Decay has every color imaginable. A little sparkle on your eyelids adds a special touch of enchantment to any look and now there are a ton of different eye shadows that have glitter already mixed in.