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Anticipated spring 2011 makeup trends

One thing is definite in keeping track of makeup trends: there are usually the same colors used in different ways, and each designer has his/her own signature style. Some trends for which to prepare include pastels, bold lips, bright eyes, glowing skin, black eyeliner, and metallic.

Orlando has a hodge podge of looks ranging from emo or gothic to romantic or classic to stereotypical Florida women wearing bright oranges an corals. The modeling industry in Orlando is not a strong as it is in Miami, so we do not have the typical Next Top Model style cruising our streets. Everyone has his/her own style, which s/he exhibits by emulating current trends infused with his/her personality.

If you are a makeup artist or model with your own unique style, send it to  Entries can be snapshots of anticipated Orlando makeup trends.  Artists who are selected will be entered to win a free photoshoot to add to their portfolios.