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Fall Favorites - Mac Cosmetics

Some favorite fall colors by Mac Cosmetics are:
  • Eyeshadow: Nylon, Goldmine, Amber Lights, Sumptuous Olive, Bronze, Coppering
  • Eyeliner: Teddy
  • Mascara: Brownette
  • Blush: Raison, Burnt Pepper
  • Lipstick: Extended Play, Betwixt, Spice it Up
  • Lipliner: Spice, Auburn
Dust Nylon under the eyebrow with the 213 brush. Using the 227 brush and starting from the outside corner of the eyelid, dust Goldmine over the rest of the entire lid. With the 224 brush, add Amber Lights to the outer crease and outer corner of the lid. For a brighter contrast, after applying Amber Lights to the outer corner to one half the lid, apply Coppering in the outer crease. Drag Teddy across the top lid, and lightly pat Bronze over Teddy with the 214 brush. Line the lower lid with Sumptuous Olive. Apply Nylon on the inner corners very lightly (top and bottom) with the 208 brush. To brighten the eyes, dab a very light amount of Nylon on the center of both top lids. Apply Brownette (Plush Lash) to top and bottom lashes. Depending on the shape and size of your face, apply Raison under the cheekbone then dust a small amount on the temples, but do not extend onto the forehead. If using Coppering eyeshadow, you may also use Burnt Pepper instead of Raison. Finish the look with lining the lips with Spice (Auburn if using Coppering and Burnt Pepper), and use Betwixt as a base or alone. To intensify or de-accentuate lip color, apply Extended Play or Spice it Up over Betwixt.
If you do not have time to use all of the colors, try a simple variation of only using Nylon, Goldmine, and Sumptuous Olive (day) or Bronze or Teddy (night). For lips, you can limit it to which ever color is your favorite.
Photos of this look will be posted at a later date. If you would like to model for this blog, please contact us.
MAC Cosmetics are available on their website, at the MAC Store in Florida Mall, the MAC Pro Store in Mall at Millenia, and some major department stores.
Great false eyelashes to finish the look can be found at The style name is "I Love Jacob."