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Feel the rainbow!


Is it raining? Is it sunny? What is Mother Nature doing? Even though the weather has been changing from minute to minute, we get to see beautiful rainbows here in Orlando. Follow the rainbow to a jackpot of color explosion! Why not incorporate rainbows into your St Patricks day makeup looks?


Using Urban Decay, Fishnet was applied to the upper and lower, inner corners. Peace was applied to the upper and lower, outer corners. Honey was applied in the center on both top and bottom. To intensify the lash line, Flipside, Eldorado, and Ransom can be used. 

This article was remotely published. Please excuse brevity, typos, and/or abbreviations. 

Notes: Photos were informal snapshots taken with an iPhone 3Gs. Makeup look was not polished as it was simply a sketch to experiment. 

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